Kevin Horn is a Cinematographer based in Los Angeles. He started out by making skateboarding films as a teenager in Minnesota. After premiering his first full length film, New Flavors in 2009, Kevin dove deeper into the world of narrative film and starting shooting feature films. After shooting 3 features in just 2 years, Kevin transitioned into commercials, and music videos, working with artists like Atmosphere, Doomtree, S. Carey, Haley Bonar, and more. He's self-published three photo books and runs an independent skateboarding magazine called Anomaly in between jobs. With a love for film, Kevin enjoys capturing his daily life on both Super 8 and 16mm. When he's not on set, skateboarding, or searching the streets for reflected light, you can find him printing in his home darkroom to the soothing sounds of Ethio Jazz.


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